Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Aug 17, 2016 "The Greatest Revelation of My Mission"

So this transfer I am in the Beehive House again. As part of the Beehive House tour, we go to Brigham Young's personal office. Here is a snippet of what we usually say in the tour:

"Brigham Young was not only the second president of the church, but also the governor of Utah for a time, the superintendent of Indian affairs, and he was an investor. He had a lot of of visitors because of all these roles that he had. The books on the table were guest books, where Brigham Young's visitors would sign their name, the date of their visit, and the purpose for their visit. There were quite a few famous people that came and signed the guest book, like author Mark Twain, philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson, future US president Andrew Garfield, explorer Richard Burton, and womens' rights advocate Susan B. Anthony."

This week I was reviewing the site guide, and this is what I read: 

"The President's Office also functioned as a place to receive visitors, including British explorer Captain Richard Burton... author Mark Twain, future United States President James A. Garfield..."

James A. Garfield. Not Andrew Garfield. I was wondering why in the world I would say "Andrew" instead of "James A." 

And then I had a horrific realization. Andrew Garfield is the man who plays Spiderman. I have been telling people for three weeks that Spiderman came and visited Brigham Young. 

And no one even said anything! 

On a more serious note, on another day, two nice ladies from Belgium came up to me and asked me, "So if this church was organized in America, and your prophet is American, and your Mormon Bible is a record of people in America, how do you attract membership from people elsewhere in the world?" 

Good question, lady from Belgium. I believe the reason that this church today has more membership outside of the United States that inside is because the Book of Mormon testifies to us that Jesus Christ administered not just to the people of Jerusalem, but to the Native Americans as well. Which tells me He loves us all, no matter where we are from and what our lineage is. Which tells me, maybe he even visited others (Japan?). This is God's church, and anybody who studies it comes to learn that most basic truth, that we are all God's children and these tools He has given us like the Bible, the Book of Mormon, and Church, and prophets, are for all of us. America has indeed played a significant role in this Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, but this is not an American church. This is God's institution. Just study it and you'll know! 


Brother Brigham



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