Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Aug24, 2016"Triple Scripture Gem Combo Power"

Earlier this morning we started talking to this lady who was seething as she said to us, "Why is the temple not open to the public?" Which is quite a common question, but the way she was personally offended was quite startling for P-day morning. We calmly explained to her that it was a sacred place of worship and since she was Christian, we tried to relate to her King Solomon's temple in 1 Kings but I guess she had a really bad morning because she kept referring to how we don't believe in Jesus Christ and the New Testament and etc. (note: this is untrue) Usually in these kinds of conversations I get really riled up and although I try to remain calm, I usually leave the conversation huffing and puffing myself. But today, we were calm the entire time. Every single questions, no matter how loaded it seemed, we were able to respond with clarity and calmness. At the end of the conversation the lady even said, "Well, you're very nice. Bye." 

I believe the reason this conversation ended this nicely is because scripture power is reeaaal. Because I had just been studying in the Old Testament about Temples. And I had just been reading in the New Testament about the relationship between Christ and the Mosaic law. And we hadjust had a training in zone conference where we discussed Jesus Christ visiting temples in the Book of Mormon. 

Scripture power is real. And what's even more amazing is the power that the harmony of these three important books bring. As we study these three books of scripture together, our potential of understanding of truths and teaching them is grand. It's like how in Steven Universe, each gem has its own power, but combined, THEY ARE AN UNSTOPPABLE FORCE. Yep. Each book of Scripture is like a gem.


This is what happens when you tell people that you will eat their unwanted pickles.

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About to unleash Temple Square Triple Scripture Combo Gem Power 

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