Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Apr 4,2017 Until we meet again, may God be with you." - Lloyd Newell to me on April 26th"

Hello all,

This is the last hoorah! I'm going home on Wednesday! 

We've been too busy with General Conference this week so I haven't had time to be sad. 

Also, here is my replacement Japanese sister. Her name is Sister Halvorson. I got to be her companion for 2 hours on Friday when she came to Temple Square from the MTC for a short visitors' center training! 

And I got this wicked spider bite (?) that started spreading and burning around my arm. Sister Risenmay says "Well, everyone needs a story about the last week of their mission." 

(don't worry guys I'm better now and I'm not bringing home disease)

So yeah, this was it. 18 months of telling people about how they can find peace in life by following the teachings of Jesus Christ. I am so thankful. I can say now with conviction that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is truth. 

I know it because I have met doctors and scientists and educators, as well as little children, young students, and humble visitors have their faces light up as they learn and make sense of the message of the Restoration fo the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

I know it because I get that same lightbulb face as I read the Book of Mormon and the Bible together.

I know it because I have seen a stadium of 21,000 become reverent and full of love and awe when the living prophet Thomas S. Monson walks in for General Conference. 

I know it because whenever I share that God the Father and Jesus Christ appeared to Joseph Smith to restore lost truths, I feel love in my heart and guests that have never even heard of Mormons before say "that makes me feel peace." 

Friends, following Jesus Christ is not easy, but it is worth the lasting peace.