Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Last P-day in P-town:(

This is my last preparation day in Provo. I go back all the way to Temple Square on Wednesday. It's been such a good 3 months, meeting people so many good good people. 

For my last full week here, we got to go to the Provo City Center temple twice! The first time with our district missionaries, and the second time with Amy to do baptisms for the dead.

I looooooooooove going inside temples. It's architecturally beautiful, but it is so much more than that. You know that queasy happy feeling that you feel when you look at something so wonderfully beautiful, like a painting that resonates with you, or the view from a mountain summit? It's like that but x10. You just know that God loves you when you walk inside a temple.

And I am so blessed that I'm getting transferred right next to another temple. Hehe. 
Other things that happened: 
Zone Training Meeting

Hong Long cooked for us 

(notice the zhong zi on the left side. I almost died from happy)

And my last Sunday here as a missionary:

I know that God is real and that He loves me because I have met so many good people that inspire me.

Until next year, Provo! 

Saturday, June 11, 2016

"Have You Ever Had All the Things Happen in One Day"

Here is the craziest story with the happiest ending you will ever hear: 

Last last Wednesday, Sister Sandall and I just came out of a zone conference, where we had an inspiring training on how  God blesses us with miracles and guides us to people who are ready to be baptized if we have faith and are working hard. Not even a minute after we leave the building, we received a call from Sister Ferrre from the mission office, telling us that there was an "emergency referral" for a woman who is here from China for one week and she wants to meet with missionaries and be baptized (there are no LDS missionaries in Mainland). We immediately set up an appointment for Friday. 

Friday afternoon, we went to meet K for the first time, and she told us that she has several friends who are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, one of whom is her boss. A few years ago, she went to visit the home and family of this boss, and she felt something so palpably different and wonderful about this family. She said they were so kind and united and loving to each other and to her. 

She learned more and more about the church and all the teachings and standards of the members over time and eventually decided to come to America again and really learn from missionaries. So her friend called up the Chinese speaking missionaries to teach K. And there we were! It turns out that the family is the Wootans, who are dear friends of my family from Shanghai. I used to have sleepovers with their daughters! And go to church with them! And Sister Wootan used to be my primary teacher! It was the neatest thing to know that people that I know and love are being great examples and shining the Light of Christ all over the world.

Four days later, on Tuesday May 31st, K was baptized by Brother Wootan. 

And now she is back in China. 

The end. 


Right after that baptism, we met E, who moved here from China to teach Chinese to little elementary school kids. Before we even sat down in her living room, she asked us, "what is the difference between the Mormon Church and other Christian Churches?" we quickly proceeded to teach her about the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She absorbed it and understood it better than anyone that I had ever met before. Not even halfway through the lesson, her face lit up and went, "oh! So this is the Church of Jesus Christ restored completely on the earth!" She then asked us, "so I don't get it. I have been taught that God and Jesus and the spirit are the same thing. Why do they have different names?" and then we explained to her what the Godhead is and why people think it is the same. Then she said, "Oh! So its the Holy Spirit that I've been feeling! That makes sense!" 

People talk about "golden investigators" but I don't think it gets any more golden than E. She has been prepared by God for so long. She went back to China three days later because the school year ended, but she said she will get baptized in December when she goes to Taiwan, and she will keep us updated. 

I felt so blessed to even meet her. When we prayed to end the lesson, E did the prayer. It was her first time ever praying, and it was beautiful. It was like she finally found a friend that she had been looking for for a long time. 


Then right after that awesome lesson we went to pick up Sister Lenogon, who is now our new companion. She is from Manila and is the funniest munchkin in the world. We have a lot of fun together. Trio life is actually the bomb. 


It was a busy Tuesday. The rest of the week has been full of regular teaching and lots of food. 


kind strangers fed us

Free Doughnut Day 

This was from last week but I just got the picture sent to me this week and I like it because it has better lighting so here it is

Happy Birthday Amy!