Friday, July 1, 2016


Sorry that I don't have a lot of time to write this week... But here is basically what happened this week. 

Being in a trio is great, but taking language tours and having to translate to two companions is a little hard. This entire week I felt like I sucked at explaining things, giving tours, and translating for my companions... But by miracles of the spirit which I feel unworthy of, somehow the guests always feel the spirit and are touched by our very poorly phrased explanations. And they want to read the Book of Mormon. And they want to meet with local missionaries. And then they give  us their contact information so we can get them connected with the missionaries in their area. In the words of Sister Lenogon... BA BAM. 


HAHAHHA pretending like I can speak Japanese

Hello You can get baptised in any language you want 

If someone will make a puzzle out of this picture and gift it to me that would be great 

Xiao Hong's baptism! She is the best person in the entire world. If you have any doubts about the Book of Mormon, go talk to her. 


Quick Update

So when I came back to Temple Square, I was supposed to have a new missionary companion from the Missionary Training Center, but she stayed there for some extra time because she was sick. So I was companion-less for a week, hanging out with these two weirdos, Sister Chiu and Sister Castillo

But today we received word that my new companion isn't going to come to Temple Square at all anymore (sadface), so today I officially got put in a trio with Sister Menzie from Australia and Sister Dechesne from France. And today happened to be their P-day.


I will write to you again next Thursday! 

This week though....

I feel like it took 10000 years to get through this week. These things happened on Monday and Tuesday, while I was still in Provo:

(it's a birthday cake for Sister Lenogon)

And then these things have happened since I've been back at Temple Square:

My second day back we were on our way to the Church Office Building cafeteria and we walked alongside Elder Christofferson. He is really handsome in real life. I love being back. 

The greatest MoTab performance I have ever witnessed

It's a bag full of cricket snacks 

I ate one. 

I have been exhausted ever since coming back to Temple Square. There is no sugar coating that fact. From 8am to 9pm there are constantly people here to take on tours, to talk to, and help out. It's exhausting, but so exciting, to have so much work to do all the time. It's the most rewarding thing there is. My second day here, we took an amazing tour of 30ish English speaking old folk, and they were all so kind and loving and polite. Many of them came up to us afterwards asking for a Book of Mormon so they could for themselves. Although nothing miraculous or dramatic happened, just having some people come up and tell me, "thank you for the tour, I really felt something special. I will give your book a read" made me so happy that I felt shooting to the sky and dancing on a rainbow. 

Another man asked me recently, "what makes your church different from other churches? Like, why should I believe in yours?"
To which I answered, "the same priesthood powers that made miracles in Jesus's time possible is back on the earth today."
Then that man laughed at me. 

So many people don't seem to want to believe in these amazing blessings and miracles that God wants for them. "It happened back then, but not today!" But why not? Life is so much happier when you just accept its gifts.