Sunday, April 3, 2016

"You Must Be Swift As a Coursing River (Title due to the fact that I feel a little bit like Mulan in this part of the movie right now)"

What's weirder than being a missionary/tour guide at church headquarters with 200 other young ladies? Being a Chinese speaking missionary at an area where you used to be a college student, where your college friends are still hanging out. My heart was probably prepared for everything but this. Good one, God. 

The missionaries who were here in the Chinese area before me and my companion took over on Wednesday did such a good job being missionaries. They did such a good job, that as soon as I walked into the Provo, Utah mission office, they told us, "You have 11 people getting ready to be baptised, and here is the information for a teaching appointment we scheduled for you today. It's happening in about an hour and a half." We barely had time to drop our suitcases off at our new living quarters, and barely learned each other's names (my new companion is Sister Sandall) and off we were to teach a really sweet Chinese lady!  

Ever since then it has been non-stop appointments and teaching and visiting- and we still haven't gotten around to meet everyone that wants to be taught in Chinese by the missionaries! Every single person we met has been absolutely sweet and kind, and genuinely wanting to know how they can have God in their lives. I still can't quite wrap my brain around how great the missionary work is going here. Where are the trials? Where are the bad days? Where are the angry people? Where are the arguers and the anti-Mormons? Where are the crazies? And my companion is awesome too. She is the friendliest, gentle-est, most patient and most on-top-of-everything person in the world. 

And the bonus: we have been to teaching appointments and met up with people who used to translate for the missionaries before us... and many a times they end up being friends of mine from before the mission. Shouts outs to all my friends who are good people and help out the missionaries.

As is the story of my life: I feel completely undeserving of the tornado of blessings God has given me. My Chinese isn't even that great! I have no idea why I got to be assigned in the two best missions in the world, but I will accept it graciously, and hope that I can do some good! I know that even though I am a baby and am pretty clueless most of the time, in Christ all things are possible. Literally anything. During his mortal life, Jesus Christ showed us that all things can be overcome; sin, physical illnesses, spiritual poverty, temptations, doubt, mockery, and even death (#hallelujah). And that is the message that gives me strength and I hope everyone has a chance to understand as well. You can do anything! Anything at all! 

Oh yeah, and here is my new mailing address: 

85 N 600 E
Provo UT 84606
United States

Fun times: Someone got baptized. It was our fourth day there. Hooray Provo. 

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