Sunday, April 3, 2016


This week we took a tour that was both the most spiritual and eccentric tour I have ever taken here on Temple Square. There was a group of travelers that seemed a little put off when we began the tour. They didn't talk much, and didn't really look us in the face. They eventually warmed up, and we had a really great conversation about how we all need to have our own conversions and understand Christ for ourselves, and see His role in our lives. One guest said to us, "Can you share your story? Sorry, we call them testimonies in our church... But can you both share it for us?" It was very sweet of her to say that. I have never seen a guest so kind and genuinely interested in what we believe. We both shared our testimonies and the things we hold most dear to our hearts, and they all listened intently in a way I have never seen guests do before. Then they all shared their own conversions to Christ, and the spirit in our little circle was so sweet and strong. 

And then the as the last person was sharing their testimony, the spirit changed. The person started asking questions that weren't exactly questions, but statements, like "What do you have to say about when the Bible says things contrary to what you do in the Temple?" I think my companion and I handled this person with poise and composure and courtesy. So we high fived for that. My favorite was when he asked, "On what basis and authority do you take the Book of Mormon to be scripture? Who told you that it's real? Who are you listening to?" To which we replied, 

"God. We ask God in prayer and we believe that if we have a personal relationship with Him, He can reveal truth to us."

That man started mumbling something about "Well I read this book by a man named Charles mumblerumblerumble.... And what it has to say about moooormons is... welljustreadthebookokay" I have a tiny feeling that he heard himself trying to compare the authority of God with the authority of a mortal man who wrote some stuff about what he thinks the Mormons do. 

And then he asked if he could say a prayer with us, so we all bowed our heads and he proceeded to pray that "the devil will not mislead people and conceal the truth so we will not remain in darkness and bless these missionaries that they will be saved from darkness" Which was cool I guess. I've never had a guest pray for my soul's sake before. 

I thought about this roller-coaster of a tour for a long time this week. My favorite Doctrine and Covenants section, Doctrine and Covenants 50 kept coming back to my mind. I think it is so cool that if there is anything at all that we need to know, we can take it to God. God wants us to seek knowledge and Truth, and I think every good human being desires it too. When we work with God in seeking those things, we learn truth that is light, truth that is edifying, and truth that is from God. Truth that is capital-T Truth. Everything should be brought before God, and we should never assume that there is anything we can know with a surety before we take it to God. 

So yeah, that was the most interesting thing that happened this week, among many other miracles that happen everyday. :) 

Also tiny announcement: Temple Square missionaries usually serve for three months (an outbound assignment) in another regular mission in the US for experience. I am starting my outbound assignment tomorrow in Provo (who ever would have seen this coming). I won't be able to write to a lot of you for the next three months if you are in the Provo area. Unless of course, you know anybody who speaks Mandarin or Japanese that would like to learn from the missionaries! I'm sad to leave Temple Square, but I'm excited for what's in store! 

Won't be doing this for a while: 

and happy earth day

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