Sunday, April 3, 2016

"What a Time To Be Alive"

If there's anything I've learned on the mission, it's being okay with rejection. My companion and I have been struggling recently with finding people who are interested in learning more about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I know they're there... "the field is white already to harvest"! but we have just been trudging through a lot of brown soil. But that's okay! That is why we keep working hard. We have had a lot of "no thank-you"s and "go away"s but we have kept going! I realized a few days ago that I get a twisted sort of pleasure when people decline because I feel like we are one step closer to striking gold!

The tulips are blooming at Temple Square, and the most exciting time of the year is nigh! Easter, General Conference, tourists... What a time to be alive! And I mean it with the utmost sincerity. What a time to be alive, to know that Jesus Christ lived through pain, mockery, torture, death... and rose again, just to let us know that we are loved by a God, and that we too will rise and return to live with God, in the same way that Christ did. What a time to be alive, to know that God loves us so much that He never stops loving us and guiding us and speaking to us, through Prophets and Apostles that he has called. What a time to be alive, to be able to touch, hold, and read personal revelation from the Bible and the Book of Mormon. What a time to be alive. 

A thing I was asked to draw for our lovely mission president's counselors who are leaving. I hope drawing skills can be regained post-mission. I feel like a weenie.

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