Tuesday, February 9, 2016

True Blue

Sister Chamberlin, my brand new companion, is a fellow BYU Cougar. She lived in Provo for a long long long time before her mission, and surprise; she is NOT going home after this transfer! Yay! I'm going to have friends in this mission!

She has gone through a lot and knows for herself that every single principle that we teach as missionaries is true. It's also neat because even though we encounter argumentative people, she is the most patient and level-headed human being to these people. She knows that our job is not to whip out scriptures and prove people wrong, but to help them feel loved, and understand God. If it is their choice to not open their hearts, she leaves it at that, instead of trying to tell them how stupid they all are. 

She is also great at taking Mandarin tours with me. It can be really really hard balancing language tours because more often than not, your companion does not speak the language that you and the guests speak. But she has had a Japanese-Mandarin companion before, and is really good at picking up keywords in Mandarin and following what we are saying. This has helped me be more conscious of myself and how much I translate. Because after all, we missionaries are commanded to teach two by two. When I include my companion, I feel less critical and frustrated when I don't rely on just myself. Which is what the point of Jesus Christ is. I think I just gained revelation as I write this e-mail why God commanded us to teach two by two. Cool beans. 

Sorry if this e-mail didn't make sense. I think it was more for myself. 

Love you all. 

Here is the adorable Sister Chamberlin:

And her nephew, who came and visited us: 

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