Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Stomach Knots and Crannies

Does anybody else have too many good things happen to them, that they get some anxiety and nausea? 

This week, Kimberly from the US and two brothers from Congo got baptised. And also all of our investigators are doing great. They have all called the missionaries in their area and met with them, gone to church, and loved it. What the heck did I do to deserve to be a part of all these beautiful people's lives? 

We talked to a man this week named Eric; he isn't very convinced of the legitimacy of the things we believe in the LDS church, but he said something so beautiful. He said: God exists in all cultures and places, and all of those gods are mighty and high. The common idea of a God is that he sits up in a throne of clouds and watches us try to get up to Him. What a radical and simply beautiful notion that Jesus Christ is one that came down to us. 

In reading the New Testament over again, I have noticed that Christ did not perform miracles just to show us His superpowers. He came to tell us that if we have a little bit of faith and trust in Him, He can magnify all things. In the miracle of the fish and loaves of bread, I was reminded that Jesus Christ didn't just snap his fingers, and feed some hungry people. He asked his disciples to serve; "Give ye them to eat". As the disciples brought what little food they had, and trusted that He would make it work somehow, the multitude were fed. No matter what little we have to offer, that offering is enough for God. He will make it work. 


Wednesday is the beginning of a new transfer (doesn't help the anxiety)! I will have P-day on Tuesday now, so I won't be able to write until then. My companion will be Sister Chamberlin from California (I think). 

French sentence of the week: Je vais m'ennuyer de toi 


Music and the Spoken Word for Sister Desjourdy's last Sunday

Exploring the secret parts of Beehive House

Skyping Kimberly's baptism!

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