Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Le francais c'est difficile!

Last week our Iranian investigator who lives in England got baptised despite living a 90 minute bike ride away from church, and this week our French investigator who lives in France got baptised after finding a Book of Mormon lying on a park bench a couple of months ago. A part of me wants to high five myself and do a little dance, but another part of me feels like we have no part in these miracles.

We had a worldwide missionary broadcast-training-thingamajinger and the gist of what I got out of that training was that we only give people the tools of how they can feel the Spirit of God, and then the rest of it is between them and God. None of these are "our baptisms" or "our investigators". These are all of God's children.

"We teach repentance, and we baptise converts." - Elder Nelson, Worldwide Missionary Broadcast-Training-Thingamajinger

French sentence of the week: Je veux marrier ton frere. Merci beaucoup.


We hiked Ensign Peak today!

Sister Thomas and Sister Desjourdy are thinking about why a nose runs, but feet smell. 

The weather is different when you're taller. 

VIP tour of the back of the tabernacle organ: (jk, it's just a civilian tour)

Temple Square fact: there are 11,623 pipes in the tabernacle organ

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