Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Oct 5, 2016 "The Mormon Convention"

This week! 

On Wednesday we had zone conference which, as always, was inspiring. At the beginning of 2016 the Temple Square mission set a goal of having 1016 people that we meet and send to local missionaries be baptized int he year of 2016. The goal was estimated to be accomplished by the end of the year. Last week as we reached the end of September, we had already reached 1021. Yay! We are quite obviously very different from other missions and this could not have been accomplished if not for the hard work of the other missionaries all over the world (of course of course we know). However, it's amazing to know that so far in 2016, we met 1021 people that decided that the message we share as disciples of Jesus Christ was something good, and something they needed. I love my mission. I am in love with my mission. 

In this zone conference we mostly discussed raising our goal for the year, and what we need to do to accomplish it. I really learned a lot about how much we need to change ourselves and sanctify ourselves if we want to see more miracles on Temple Square. 

Another cool thing was that this weekend was General Coooonfereeeeeeeeence!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought a lot about how last October conference was my first week out in Temple Square, and what an excited and scared little poop I was. I didn't know anything yet, and I'm amazed that Sister Burgoyne and I made it through last conference alive. 

We were at the Beehive House on Saturday taking tours in Brigham's dinky little house, and then suddenly the waiting room goes from an average of 10ish people at a time to literally 100 people squished all together and pouring out the front door and all around the front porch. It was quite frightening, but we figured it out. There was a point where we had to switch the tour system and I was stationed by Brigham Young's bedroom and talk about polygamy for 3 hours straight. It was pretty neat, because at the end of the day, I realized that I really truly do know: 1. prophets are real. 2. God gives us commandments for our benefit. 3. That Brigham Young practicing polygamy was a sacred calling he received to bless the lives of many of God's children. 4. We need to stop being embarrassed and sorry about this part of church history because it's a real and sacred thing that happened. 

You're all probably sick of me talking about polygamy by now, but none of you are probably even still reading this incredibly long e-mail anyways, so whatever. 

I don't even know where I'm going with this e-mail... So here are some pictures:

Isaiah of old used a ball point pen

Photographic evidence that I met the Sandall family:

(I am their #1 fan)

Sister Hug modeling some brownies 

I am embarrassed and sad to say that this is the only picture that I have of us attending the Sunday afternoon session


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