Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Oct 19, 2016 "WHAT TIME IS IT?!"


This week:

We went to a service project where we helped out with Special Olympics Utah, where we got to wear pants. But we found out right before the service project that Sister Sookhoo and I won't be companions anymore so this was our face the entire time:

Which means no more of this for me:

And then the other night we saw a group congregating near this sign:

And we asked them, "Are you going to watch Meet the Mormons?" to which they replied, 

"Oh, it's a movie?"

I guess they had been waiting by that sign to try to meet a real live Mormon at 7:30 pm. 

And then Sister Carrasco, our famous district member on the cover of the Ensign, had her birthday so we feasted. 

Then Sister Sookhoo and I took the Zone Leaders on a tour so they could evaluate our teaching skills. We call that "passing off". Every time a sister passes off, she gets a coupon for a free meal at the Lion House, so we feasted again:



(This is the exact spot where Troy Bolton gets off of the school bus after winter break and reunites with his basketball homies)

(This is the exact spot where Sharpay tells Zeke, the creme brulee guy to "disappear")

(This is the spot where all of the children of East High confessed their secret hobbies and they get told to stick to the status quo)

(This is the famous spot where Troy and Gabriella performed all of their duets and let everybody know that they're breaking free)

The best part: East High's theater kids are performing "High School Musical" in November for the 10 year anniversary of the original Disney movie being released, and we got to watch them rehearse. Utah friends, please go watch it and support their adorable cause. 

It was a good week not only because we did all of these fun things, but also because Sister Sookhoo and I worked extra hard to make our last week amazing. I feel really proud of how much we have grown these past six weeks in being bold, working hard, and teaching clearly. We have gone through our struggles and our low self esteems, but this week it all paid off, and we have found so many goooolden people who say that they have been LOOKING for this message of a loving God, and living prophets. 

The work is good my friends. 

My p-day will be Monday starting from next week. 

So long, friends. 

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