Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Sep 7, 2016 "There Are Not Enough Exclamation Points To Express My Feelings"


Tomorrow marks one year since I entered the Missionary Training Center. Happy anniversary to Sister Nunez and I meeting each other for the first time

Donald Trump's running mate (whose name nobody knows because none of us are American) came to Temple Square to celebrate with me 

Or so people told me. We just know that there was an army of security guards on Temple Square that day. 

Transfer #8 of my life came to an end 

and I got a new companion named Sister Sookhoo from Canada 

We have been companions for about 70 minutes now. 

This week I don't know why, but I have been thinking a lot about general conference. I have never been so excited to listen to the words of Prophets and Apostles of God speak. In the one year that I have been a missionary, I have really learned the importance of prophets; prophets from millennium ago, prophets from decades ago, and prophets today. I have come to understand in my heart that prophets are one of the greatest tools for guidance that God has given us. He knew that no matter how many books he gave us, and revelations and miracles and signs we are given, that we would need an actual living human being to talk to us and tell us the things we need to know. 

In the 1995 general conference, the Family a Proclamation to the World was shared in the Tabernacle at Temple Square. The document outlines how the family is a sacred and rudimentary element of life. I hear so many people saying that they were confused when the proclamation was shared, because at the time, it was obvious knowledge. But today, they see just how important the proclamation was and how useful it is in making sure that we have successful and happy families in a world of not so happy families. 

In 1831 Joseph Smith received revelation from God that polygamy was to be practiced, and in 1842 the revelation was revealed to certain members of the church. Nobody knew why, and everybody was shocked and disgusted and started doubting the prophetic authority of Joseph Smith, but many years later as the Mormon pioneers trekked 1350 miles from Ohio to the desert of Utah, they found that although families had been broken apart and the saints that remained few, that they were able to help one another and quickly grow into a successful community because they had practiced polygamy. 

And in 1890, because again, we have a living modern prophet, he was able receive revelation from God that polygamy was to be stopped. 

I have also heard many people talk about how the counsel from general conference years ago where they advised church members to plant a garden, families were able to sustain themselves through economic challenges. 

HOW COOL ARE PROPHETS THO. I am so excited to hear what advice the prophet and apostles have to say next month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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