Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Sep 21,2016 "I AM CONVERTED"

Hello world,
Today we found a grapefruit that looks like Sister Sookhoo. The color matches her blush and everything 

Also the DoTerra conference happened this week so everyone who came to the square smelled really fresh and woodsy. Everybody involved in DoTerra; the sales people, the customers, the employees, all are so passionate about essential oils. And not just any essential oils. DoTerra's essential oils. Every time we ask them, "so what exactly is DoTerra?" All of their faces light up and they start telling us about how much DoTerra oils have changed their life, and how natural and great and magical it is. To them, the science of the DoTerra oil production is transparent and honest and justmakes sense and its healing powers have never failed them no matter what emotional or physical problems they have.
Every time we have a conversation about essential oils those DoTerra fans give us their contact information for us to purchase some from them. They love their job and when they sell it they do it out of love. If I weren't so broke I would be converted to DoTerra by now and be slapping those yummy oils it all over my body.
Meeting these people was a really trippy out of body experience. I felt like I was looking at myself from the outside. As missionaries, we too just want to share this things that is so obviously GOOD FOR THE WORLD. We see that the gospel has worked in healing all of our broken hearts, and even if nothing was broken in our lives, it made it just a little bit better (like how DoTerra oils just make you smell good even if you're perfectly healthy).
I learned a lot about my role as a missionary and how to go about sharing the gospel from these good DoTerra people. It was a good week.
Also the conference brought Karner back to Utah. HOORAY FOR DOTERRA

Other pictures:
Pretending to be Lloyd Newell

Pretending to be busy:

Pretending to be red riding hood?

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