Tuesday, May 31, 2016

"This Week We Took Many Pictures of Mystical Beings"

Grafitti, spotted on the concrete stairs of some apartment buildings 

Charlie, spotted in the home of a kind couple that fed us dinner

~American Dreams~


The dynamic duo 

This week Sister Sandall and I started listening to the Old Testament in the car. I completely forgot how hilarious and scandalous and riveting that book is! Maybe it has to do with the fact that I haven't had television or Internet for 8 months, but it seriously would make the best tv drama series. Murder! Marriage! Crazy moms plotting to help you steal yo brother's birthright! Concubines! Babies everywhere! (My favorite story is probably the story about Dinah, Simeon, and Levi in Genesis 34)

If anything, the Old Testament has really made me appreciate living in this time period, in the millennium. If this is the last time period before Christ comes again, it means we have had all of the revelations and commandments we can possibly have to prepare us. How blessed are we to live in the most evolved and civilized time period! Sometimes we complain about commandments and they seem like a burden, but the time before Moses and Jesus Christ without a lot of the laws we have today didn't look like a lot of fun to live. Fun to read, but not to live.

So many people we teach Moses's Ten Commandments to say "that's so basic and easy!" It didn't used to be that way, and I'm grateful that we've reached a point where that's instinctual. Now if only the new laws and commandments became that way too... 

Sister Kaede Takeshige 

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