Tuesday, May 31, 2016

"It's All Too Good in the Hood"

Oooooh what a week! This week we had zone conference, we planted some flowers in someone's front yard, we ate a lot of Rancheritos, and Amy got baptized, and Hong Long made us a lot of food, and we cooked dumplings, and we had some surprise investigators who might be getting baptized in two days (we met her three days ago), said goodbye to some great people we taught who are going back to China for the summer, and I found the prettiest rose bush!

God is real and I can't even describe all the numerous miracles that happened this week. In every single moment, I felt like God was directing me and my companion to meet the people we needed to, be where we needed to be, and say just the right things at the right time. Just read the Book of Mormon my friends.That is where it all starts.

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