Friday, March 31, 2017

Mar 28, 2017

So since General Conference is this coming weekend, all of our going-home meetings and trainings and housekeeping things have been moved up to this week. The main thing that I learned from all these meetings and lectures about what to do when you finish your missionary service is this: DO NOT LOSE GOOD HABITS. I was kind of planning to sleep for three days when I got home to Japan, but I NOPE. I got called to repentance. Things like waking up on time, going to bed on time, praying all the time, and studying the Bible and Book for Mormon are habits that are so simple, but make all of the difference. I think the reason I feel so great and happy as a missionary is probably 30% because I'm a missionary, and 60% because I'm doing these physical and spiritual necessities. To anyone reading this, if you see me lose these things when I get home you have permission to slap me. Kindly.

***************************************************************************************So I saw my beloved old Provo companion Sister Lenogon, and while we were taking selfies, Sister Li who we used to teach in Provo walked by us and shouts excitedly, "啊 武重!我受洗礼了!“。"Takeshige! I got baptised!" 

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