Sunday, February 5, 2017

Jan 24, 2017 "Gather the Elect!"

This week we had interviews with our mission president, and he shared this scripture with us: 

"And ye are called to bring to pass the gather of mine elect; for mine elect hear my voice and harden not their hearts;" (D&C 29:7)

On Temple Square, we have so many people to talk to, and it's exhausting. Most of the time they are polite, but not really ready to fully immerse themselves in the Gospel of Christ. Many people are willing to stay in contact, but not to change their lives. It's exhausting to try to convince someone who is nice but unwilling. Sometimes we think that just a little bit more and their hearts will change. We just need to pry and find the elect deep inside these people.

President Risenmay told us that the scriptures tell us exactly who the elect are. They are not people that we need to pry and dig and scavenge for. They are people who will "hear my voice and harden not their hearts". In essence, they are people who will accept invitations to go to church or read the scriptures. When people say no, we just say "well alright then. If you change your mind, we'll still be here to help you out. Have a nice day" and talk to the next group of tourists. The Elect are people that we shouldn't have to bargain with to increase their spirituality. 

Missionary work has been a lot more fun and a lot less exhausting ever since I learned that this week. 

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