Thursday, February 23, 2017

Feb 7, 2017:"The Adventures of Sister Takeshige and the Lonely Tofurkey"

A former companion of mine 3 months ago left behind a frozen Tofurkey in the freezer. I decided that it was not good for this Tofurkey to be left alone, so I cooked it. 

It was quite ugly and bald when it came out of the oven. Much like a newborn child. 
But it ended up tasting pretty good. The fancy vegan stuffing was really yummy. Much unlike a newborn child.


This week we also somehow ended up attending a baptism at the Burmese ward in SLC. No one was sure why we were there, but they had yummy food and it was nice to see a baptism in real life and smell the chlorine again. The sacredness of this ordinance is undeniable. 

Burmese sentence of the week: jama hin sajamale (I want to eat curry) 


Have a sweet week everyone 

Sister Takeshige 

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