Monday, October 31, 2016

Oct 30, 2016" Trick or Preach"

Surprise! Our P-day got moved from Monday to Saturday for this week because we are having some mission wide Halloween events happening on Monday. 

This week: 
I served in the Humanitarian center for the first time on Tuesday! It was a little bit scary. For our first tour, every time I would talk, my brain would get nervous and spout out false facts.  Then I would look at Sister Parks to take it away. I feel like I understand the new sisters a little bit better now. I feel so for them. 

The Humanitarian Center is the place where all of the Humanitarian efforts of the church are concentrated. At first I didn't understand why we had tours there, but apparently there were just a lot of rich and important people that wanted to know what the church did with its money, and wanted to contribute, so we started having organized tours through there so anyone who wants to know exactly where the tithing donations and humanitarian aid donations go, can know. 

The motto of the humanitarian efforts of the church is: "help people to help themselves." Other than providing basic human necessities to people throughout the world (food, clean water, clothes, medical supplies, hygiene kits, wheelchairs, neonatal resuscitation training, vaccinations, and vision care) there is a really cool program where the humanitarian center hires refugees, immigrants, and local citizens who need language training and job experience. The associates who are part of the welfare program are paid for to take English classes and run the humanitarian center. These associates are in the humanitarian center for a couple months to a year, and taught how to find a well paying job elsewhere with a reputable employer. 

God is so perfect and knowledgeable that he has shown us not just how to serve people, but how to take care of people long term. Service isn't a one-time feel-good project. If we serve the right way, we can help people find long term resolutions. God doesn't just want us to be happy for a moment, he wants us to have eternal happiness. 

Our tiny district from last transfer got famous!

Autumn 🍂 

My companion getting a perm. Missionaries are basically nuns anyways (disclaimer: they are not) 

Sister Kaede Takeshige 

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