Tuesday, August 9, 2016

July 15 "Trunkytown"

There is a theater in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building on Temple Square called the Legacy Theater, where they usually show Meet the Mormons. The past two weeks the theater was closed for renovations, so that part of the building has been really nice and quiet. The foyer outside of the theater has become our favorite study spot, because it's got really nice carpet, fancy stuffed couches, and some nice sunlight. On Friday we went to our study spot to find this: 

Those who are perceptive, or are missionaries who have been watching Meet the Mormons for nightly or P-day entertainment will notice that there are there are 3 EXTRA PEOPLE ON THE POSTER FROM THE REGULAR MEET THE MORMONS. 

On Sunday they announced, "surprise, they have created three new Meet the Mormon stories and we are releasing it in the Legacy Theater this weekend so you missionaries get to preview it with a Q&A session with the cast and director" 


So we went, and watched, and cried. And guess where I cried the hardest: 

Bishop Cardullo of the Provo YSA 97th ward was "friend of Giovanna" and had a lot of screen time and I almost had a heart attack because he is the greatest bishop in the entire world and I almost got trunky. He was the man who signed my mission papers!

The other new story is about Bless 4, a Japanese pop group, so I cried some more. 

And this is our zone with the cast! I was breathing the same air as Jenna Kim Jones (one step closer to being friends with Tina Fey) and Bless 4, and a horse whisperer (that's the other story) 

It's so neat to see how the Gospel of Jesus Christ literally applies to every single person in this entire world. Japanese pop stars, Italians, horse whisperers, comedians... Literally we can all find true peace in this Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It is Jesus Christ's true and restored church. 

Another thing that happened this week: Sister Dechesne's body kind of started malfunctioning and so we weren't able to go out and take tours with her all the time, which was sad for everyone. But, we had many wheelchair races and had some fun. Yesterday and today she was able to walk and once we were together again, I could really feel the difference and the power. Since we're in a trio, we could still go out and take tours with just Sister Menzie and I, but really, there is a power in teaching with our companions, together.


Cool tours 

Japanese meeting! THERE ARE SEVEN OF US NOW! 🗾

I made dumplings, and Sister Ueno made applie pie dumplings 😄

We matched on accident 


The old Utah railroad station 

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