Thursday, December 24, 2015

"It's the Most Hectic Time of the Year "

It feels like an eternity since I last had preparation day. Last transfer I had it on Wednesday, and this transfer I have it on Monday. Since Transfer days are on Wednesday, I missed p-day last week. The nice thing is that I now have p-day on Monday like a normal missionary, so we don't get judged for walking around the mall during the week. Most people don't realize that Temple Square missionaries have different p-days. Today we saw Elders (boy missionaries) at Walmart and I felt so out of place. I forgot they existed around us.

Last Wednesday Sister Burgoyne honorably finished her 19 months as a missionary, and went home. My trainer is now out there in the real world somewhere eating shoe-fly pie and hanging out with Michael Scott. Will you people make sure that she is okay? I miss her a lot.

I am no longer serving in the Beehive House, which makes me sad... It really was a cool place and I learned so much. Now we are in West Gate, which is the booth/information desk that manages all the tours. It's stressful and hectic in there, which is the opposite of Beehive House, but I love it. We are only there for four hours a week, so that's good. We still get to go out and talk to people on the square!

My new companion is Sister Desjourdy from Montreal, Canada. She is tall, has intimidating shoulders (her words not mine) and huge eyes. I was a little scared of her before we were companions, but she really is the best. She is hardworking, patient, and kind, even when things get frustrating. It's only been five days so far, but we get along splendidly. She speaks French, so we teach many people from random countries. I guess I never really realized just how many places in the world speak French; Canada, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Haiti, Congo... Just yesterday we went to a baptism at the Swahili ward in Salt Lake City. Who would have ever thought?

At the baptism, I was talking to a brother about teaching the Gospel to people who don't have their physical needs met. It's something that I had been thinking about a lot. There isn't much monetary help that I can offer to the people that we meet all the time, and I feel awkward teaching offering spiritual help when really what they need is physically help. But this brother told me that while this is true- what we have to offer as LDS missionaries is pretty limited- the gift of the Holy Ghost is also everything. Through baptism and the Gift of the Holy Ghost, we have comfort. We have peace. We have hope. The Light of Christ is in everyone -- we all have a conscience and we all have good morals, but the Gift of the Holy Ghost is how we feel His presence. It was a good conversation, and I have a new resolve and passion for sharing what I have.

Speaking of, have you all seen this?

I love life, and Merry Christmas to you all.


 Japanese meeting+food
 Ironing board + scarf + art + QuebecoisIt's = Christmas decoration

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