Friday, December 4, 2015

"Belated Birthday Baptisms"

On Thursday, thanksgiving day, our mission president told us to call our non-American investigators. So we did. And we got in touch with our investigator in the UK who we hadn't been able to get in touch with in a couple of weeks. The last time we called her, she was meeting with the missionaries in her area. This time we found out that she got baptized and confirmed on November 22nd (my birthday!) and she was on her way to the temple. Cool.

Every thanksgiving, members living near Salt Lake City sign up to feed the temple square missionaries. We went to the home of the Scott family, who we had never met before. The food was amazing, but it was even more amazing to teach sitting down in a real living room. Brother Scott, Sister Scott, their son, their neighbor Charles, and Sister Burgoyne and I went around and each said what we were grateful for.Charles had lost his wife just two days ago, and he shared his appreciation for the knowledge of the plan that God has for us. He said that he wouldn't know how to handle his wife's death if it weren't for what he learned from the missionaries 30 years ago. It really made me appreciate everything we know about life, death, and after death because of the scriptures.

On Friday the Christmas lights at Temple Square all came on. Hoards of Utahans came running to the grounds. There were screaming children, singing children, and crying children everywhere. Every single person that came to talk to us was looking for the bathroom, or wanting to practice their Japanese because they had served there many years ago. It's insane but exciting to see so many people to talk to. It's also a little funny to me to think that just a couple of months ago, these crowds were Chinese tourists, European backpackers, and Midwestern retirees. Now it's young blonde families and college couples. Although there aren't as many nonmembers to teach, we have run into so many broken-hearted Mormons that really need spiritual rejuvenation. There really is so much work to do and people to uplift (especially) in the heart of Mormonlandia. All of you, go befriend a sad person this Christmas season!

In other news, I have my first real Chinese investigators! More details to come (if it works out and they pick up the phone) in a later e-mail!

I still can't quite get over how awesomely international this mission. So far we have taught people from the UK, Uganda, Lebanon, Czech Republic, Japan, China, Sri Lanka, Italy, Peru, Guatemala, and Texas. Now if only all of these people were to get baptized... That would be out of this world.

Pictures:Morning run in the first snow of the year!

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