Saturday, September 19, 2015


I feel like I've been here an eternity. I already don't remember what I was even doing two weeks ago. We have something scheduled to do every hour of the day, from 6am to 8 am. I'm really grateful for everything in the MTC and how it's set up. Some missionaries are feeling tired and restless and want to get out there as soon as they can. I still feel pretty incompetent as a missionary and want to stay here a little longer so I can absorb EVERYTHING that they're teaching me. We get to practice teaching to our teachers, and I'm so grateful that I can get my failures and embarrassing moments out of the way in this enclosed space, not out there in the real world. 

Now that I've been assigned my companion for 10 days, I can tell you a little bit more about how cool she is: 1. She's hilarious. We can never stop laughing. 2. She already loves the gospel of Jesus Christ with all her heart. Despite everything that could have stopped her from coming on a mission, she's here. 3. She's smart. Every time we have discussions in class about what we read, her interpretation and insights are inspired. Also, she went to National Autonomous University of Mexico before she came here. Das pretty cool. 4. She has two younger sisters, just like I do. 5. She has rosy rosy cheeks and green green eyes. 5. She talks super fast. 6. She talks even faster in English after she speaks Spanish with someone. 6. She makes everyone around her laugh. Our class is a riot. 7. Whenever we get frustrated with ourselves or with teaching, we get through it and move on. She always asks God for help whenever she beats herself up, and God helps her regain confidence. 7. She puts up with my disorganization. 8. We danced for 3 minutes on September 16th for Mexican Independence day. 9. She wakes me up in the morning because I stupidly forgot to bring an alarm clock. 10. She really is smart. That's my favourite thing about her. 

We were stressed for a while because we weren't the best at teaching. At the MTC they really pounded into our heads the importance of relying on God during lessons. God is the only one who knows the needs of the people we're teaching. As missionaries, we are only God's instruments. Our own needs and wants have no place anywhere. Missionary work is about being a catalyst for the relationship between God and his other children. Sister Nunez and I were stressed because we weren't relying on the Spirit. We were relying on our own knowledge and our own job. And our own failures. But once we began to pray for humility, and for understanding, it started getting better. I'm so glad that God doesn't penalize us for our mistakes, and that we're able to keep moving forward and keep trying harder. I love being a missionary, especially, so that I can take the time to see everything that's wrong with me and do everything to change. I feel loved. 

I hope all is well in the real world. Love you all.

Sister Takeshige 

Spanish sentence of the day: Esta comida sabe muy bien! 


#1: All the sisters from my zone:
#2: Sister Nunez and I matching one day:
#3: Most of the zone unprepared for a picture at the temple:

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